Kerrigans appointed to deliver the IAATI Accredited Investigator Program

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators – Australasian Branch is extending the IAATI Accreditation program for IAATI members of the Australasian Branch. Admission to this program as an Accredited Auto Theft Investigator or Specialist demonstrates a high level of commitment to self development and service provision in the specialist arena of auto theft investigation, prevention and reduction. The accreditation program is available to IAATI members working in the fields of law enforcement such as Investigations, Intelligence, and Forensics; members from the insurance industry such as licensed investigators, Claims Officer or Claims Assessors; members working for Government Authorities and Regulators; and members that are Technical Specialists.


The Australasian Branch of IAATI has partnered with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Maurice J Kerrigan & Associates Pty Ltd as an independent assessment body to review applications against the accreditation program competencies.

How to apply

Details of the accreditation program and the Accreditation Kits can be downloaded from Applicants will need to register their details to access the training portal on this site.