Psychiatric / Psychological / Stress Injury Investigation

Frustrated young woman holding her earsMaurice J Kerrigan and Associates has extensive experience in the full spectrum of sickness and injury claim investigations. We have been providing investigation services into psychiatric/ psychological injury (PPI) /Stress claims for over fifteen years.

We have developed an induction program for psychiatric/psychological claims investigators based on training from mental health experts, WorkCover and other training seminars.

Only investigators with extensive common law backgrounds are assigned to investigate psychiatric/psychological/stress injury claims. Our Nation-wide network of investigators enables this high level of expertise to be utilised where and when necessary in a very cost effective and timely manner. Through our commitment to the professional development of our organisation and our investigators, this expertise is being migrated throughout our organisation and particularly into regional areas, enhancing our service provision capability in PPI claims.

This policy, combined with our extensive network of highly experienced investigators with a vast range of backgrounds and qualifications, allows us the flexibility to tailor any such assignment to the investigator most appropriate to your needs.

While all PPI/Stress investigations conducted by Maurice J Kerrigan & Associates are comprehensive and effective, all interviews are conducted with empathy and sensitivity to the various parties and in strict compliance with privacy guidelines.