When it comes to health at work, the small things count, WorkSafe Vic

October 4, 2013

WorkSafe Victoria have released a few steps to help workplaces implement a health and wellbeing program – they’re simple and cost effective.

The thought of implementing a health and wellbeing program in a workplace can be a bit daunting, but the small things can really make a difference. Try these things in your workplace and get off to a healthy start in 2013!

  • Talk to your workers and find out what they would like to see happen in your workplace. They may have some great ideas that could be very easy to implement. You could try using our needs assessment template, or set up a simple email survey using Survey Monkey. Or you could discuss ideas at team meetings or set up an ideas contribution box.
  • Look for small changes that are relevant to your workplace. Introducing small changes to the way people work can make a big difference. Such as providing information on stretching exercises that can easily be performed at a desk or in a site meeting, introducing a ‘no email Friday’ to encourage staff to walk to each other’s desks, or running cooking classes on preparing healthy packed lunches.
  • Use what you have available. Look to put in place activities that utilise the resources you may already have available at your workplace. This could be as simple as getting a footy and organising a regular ‘kick to kick’ at lunchtime in the local park, or providing cereal and wholemeal break on occasions so that staff can use your kitchen facilities to prepare a healthy breakfast.
  • Celebrate small achievements. Small changes and achievements can help kick start healthier behaviours and can make a big impact. Celebrating achievements with your team members, such as participation in fun runs, will provide a sense of accomplishment and recognition.